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Continental in Car Technology Leading the Way

Continental in-car technology leading the way to safer journeys for Middle East drivers


Central Audio Management system draws attention to potential dangers

“Always On” company vision realised with new infotainment system

Multifunctional Smart Device Terminal Launched in New Mercedes-Benz E-Class


Continental, the premium German automotive manufacturer, has unveiled a suite of new in-car technological features that promise to deliver greater safety and convenience to drivers in the Middle East and around the world.

Acknowledged as a global leader in developing technology for safe mobility and intelligent driving, recently launched Continental features such as a Central Audio Management system, a ‘Connect’ Infotainment Platform and wireless charging connectivity, are designed to help drivers to focus on the road and assess potentially critical situations.

“Continental is committed to developing cutting-edge technologies that will help drivers to better focus while in traffic and assess critical situations. By doing this, we believe we can make a real difference in a region such as the Middle East which experiences high numbers of traffic accidents," said Jose Luis de la Fuente, Managing Director of Continental in the Middle East.

In line with its efforts to improve driver safety, Continental’s Central Audio Management system integrates all of a vehicle’s audible sources in one single system. These alerts and sounds, for example relating to parking assist, navigation instructions and telephone calls, have typically been controlled independently of each other. This new technology opens up brand new possibilities that provide the tools for a safer driving experience.

The Central Audio Management system can be used to specifically focus the attention of drivers, potentially reducing road traffic accidents and fatalities in the region. For example, if a source of danger, such as another vehicle, closely approaches from the right, an audible warning signal sounds from the right-hand side of the vehicle to alert the driver, while all other sounds are faded out.

The German automotive supplier is also helping to reduce driver distractions via a new infotainment system, named “Connect”, that has just been introduced in Peugeot, Citroën, and DS models. This "Always On" vision keeps drivers alert and updated by providing a variety of current online services including live traffic information, weather forecasts and parking information. Embedded in a navigation system, the unit factors in the current traffic situation at all times in route guidance and can be used to predict arrival time.

Continental’s position as a technology leader is further highlighted by the launch of its wireless in-car charging system, which it has just announced will debut in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The innovative Multifunctional Smart Device Terminal allows drivers to wirelessly charge their smartphone and operate a range of device functions in the vehicle both conveniently and in safety.

The concept of zero road accidents is no longer seen as an impossible dream, and nowhere is this more evident than in the development of assisted and automated driving systems. Engineers from Continental are working on six key elements that will bring real benefits in terms of safety on the road: sensor technology, cluster connectivity, human-machine dialogue, system architecture, reliability, and the acceptance of automated driving. Continental anticipates that fully automated driving functions will be available for use on controlled-access highways from 2025.

Continental, a pioneer in road safety for more than 140 years, is proud to provide holistic expertise in the key technologies for more road safety. For more information, visit: www.continental-tires.com/car/company/vision-zero.

Mr. Ricardo Martins

Head of marketing

Continental Middle East DMCC

Jumeirah Lake Towers - Cluster I, Silver Tower (AG)
P.O. Box 336519, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

+971 4 561 5970

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