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TyrePro extends an advanced warehousing facility for passenger cars’ and SUV tires to fulfill all market daily demands specially its growing retailer network. We offer high-end organized storage systems to stock our tire products; using a full racking system guaranteeing to keep the tires in excellent conditions.


We provide a wide selection of products

Our service center and showroom welcomes all customers owning all kind of cars and especially the UHP cars and SUVs from Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Range Rover, Audi, VW, Volvo and other luxury automotive brands.

Tyrepro is specialized in all kinds of tires, from small Go-kart car tires to bicycles, motorcycles, passenger, 4x4, LCV, trucks and farmer, industrial and OTR Tires.

The Beirut-based company is the biggest dealer for most global tire brands like Continental Tires, General Tire, BKT, Emrald, Greckster, Momo Tires  AutoSock and WeissSock the latest innovations in snow chains as well as many others brands.

Our tires are high performance tires customized for different seasons and different situations – typically, though; they offer superior grip and better handling, particularly at higher speeds. They can make your vehicle drive much more smoothly and reliably.

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Everyone wants their car to run the best it can, and that can mean buying performance tires to make your ride as smooth as possible.
We make individual mobility safer, more comfortable, and more sustainable

Thanks to our core competencies, products and services, we, together with our customers, improve the safety, comfort, and fun of driving. With our products, technologies and processes we significantly contribute to sustainable individual mobility.

TyrePro Lebanon

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